A Pruning Plan Gives Your Trees a Full Life

One of the smartest investments you can ever make in your property is to keep the trees safe, healthy, and beautiful by maintaining a pruning program. By devising a schedule that works for you and your trees, you’ll avoid all of the pitfalls associated with your trees becoming overgrown.

Our quality pruning services, overseen by certified arborists, improves the health and appearance of your trees, prolonging their useful life by removing undesirable branches, whether they are dead, weakened, diseased or insect-infested.

This periodic removal and trimming of trees is done for safety, appearance, and structural integrity, the health of trees, and restoration after storms or other damage. Anyone can cut branches off a tree, but you need an expert to know what to trim and cut. Image Tree Service, Inc. will prune, shape and trim your trees into excellent shape, thereby ensuring their long and happy lives.