Need to check the health of your trees’ roots?

Professional Air Spading & Tree Root Management in Sonoma County, CA

What is Air Spading?

The Air Spade is an arborist’s tool for safely removing soil from the base of a tree or around its roots, without significant damage. The tool uses high pressure air through a hose to blow the soil away from a trunk or roots, which provides the opportunity to examine the condition of roots, root flare, or the trunk. Exposing the root flare can provide our arborists with valuable information regarding the general health or structural integrity of your tree.

Improve Your Tree’s Overall Health

Air Spading For Trenching, Aeration & Root Fertilization

For trees with compacted soil, we recommend radial trenching from trunk to drip line with high pressure air to expose the feeder roots and to aerate the soil. We put amended soil back into the trenches as part of our deep root fertilizing program which promotes feeder root growth.