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Tree Planting & Transplanting Services in Sonoma County, CA

Get Professional Tree Planting Services Near Windsor, Napa & Sonoma

Image Tree Service provides professional tree planting services throughout Sonoma County, CA. We understand the importance of tree planting and offer a variety of tree planting services to help you get your trees established. Our team has years of experience in soil, species selection, tree care and maintenance services. We can provide professional advice and guidance to help ensure your trees have a healthy start and long-term success, whether you’re looking for residential, commercial or municipal tree services, we can help!

Don’t Cut Down Your Trees, Transplant or Relocate Them!

Hire A Team of Expert Tree Transplanters Near You

Image Tree Service, Inc. can provide you with an affordable alternative to cutting down your healthy tree when construction or other issues arise requiring the tree to move from its existing location.

Tree Relocation Services

Relocating trees requires proper experience, equipment and the right team of professionals to ensure that your tree is not only properly planted, but also done in such a way that it’s most likely to survive and live a long healthy life.

Tree Transplant Services

We transplant trees of all ages and sizes and can consult on the suitability of your tree for transplantation. By working with the expert tree arborists at Image Tree Service, Inc., we can determine where your new trees should be planted, because in a perfect world, that’s where they will live for their entire lives. But, we also realize that things change in life, and in some cases, there will be occasions when large and even mature trees will need to be transplanted.

Tree relocation and transplantation allows healthy trees an opportunity to live and thrive in a new location.