Keeps Your Trees Alive

At Image Tree Service, Inc., we’re aware of the sad fact that trees are often threatened by construction, especially if careful pre-construction planning isn’t implemented in time. Obviously, the optimum time is well before anyone digs into the ground and starts building.

We’ve conducted literally 100s of these pre-build inspections and saved untold trees and plants by making the proper arrangements and devising a tree protection plan that will save trees and keep them alive for many years to come.

Problems for trees during construction are caused by the fact that most of the construction vehicles park under the trees at the site, thereby adversely affecting the trees’ roots.

In addition, concrete, plaster, paint and other products used during construction can seep into the soil around the trees and further impact their lives. If you have some construction in your near future, call us at Image Tree Service, Inc. and let’s create a plan that will keep your trees alive.