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Tree Removals in Napa & Sonoma County

Removing Trees isn’t it a Do-It-Yourselfer Thing

At Image Tree Service, Inc., we don’t want to remove trees unless it’s deemed absolutely necessary. But unfortunately, there are many reasons for the need to remove trees. The selective removal of trees from crowded landscapes provides space for the remaining trees to grow and prosper. When space for building additions and other site changes are required, professional tree removal is a must, so don’t try to do it yourself.

However, dead, dying, and defective trees, on the other hand, can be a safety concern and that’s why they must be removed to protect people and property. Removing these trees provides an opportunity to re-plant the site with a young, vigorous tree that can make a positive contribution to the landscape. Professional tree removal is the most hazardous aspect of arboriculture, so that’s why we always stress safety at Image Tree Service, Inc. and that’s one reason why we’ve never had a serious injury in two decades.

Often, tree workers must remove trees that are growing in confined spaces near homes, utility lines and other sensitive areas. Tree removal requires considerable experience and training to successfully perform this task. At Image Tree Service, Inc. our employees are highly trained in the art and science of tree removal.

In recent years, there have been considerable advances in the technology and equipment available for rigging and removing large trees. This ensures that trees are removed safely and economically with minimal disturbance to the site.

Our goal in all of our tree work operations is to provide thorough clean-up of debris and cause minimal impact to surrounding vegetation.


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Tree Removals | Image Tree Service

Client's Rewiew

Very impressive customer service. There's something to be said of a company who acknowledges their mistake and then puts forth 100% effort to fix the issue. Most companies would have just written it off.

Not Jeff, the owner, he showed up at my office the next morning to apologize for the scheduling mishap and did everything in his control to get the job done on time.

Those who worked on the job were professional and, like Jeff, really nice and easy to work with.

That said, I highly recommend Image Tree Service, Thanks Jeff!

Guerneville CA