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Save Our Nor Cal Oaks!

Save Our Nor Cal Oaks! | Tree Removal Care Pruning

Scientists tracking the spread of the Sudden Oak Death disease in Northern California are renewing their campaign to involve residents in spotting outbreaks, especially in highly susceptible bay laurel trees that spread the infection to Oaks. At Image Tree Service in Windsor, CA, we know that homeowners love their Oak trees for a wide range of reasons and many people believe that they’re valued members of their family. So, if you have an Oak or two, be on the look for the outset 

In the largest "Sudden Oak Death Blitz" to date, researchers at UC Davis are seeking help in 21 coastal California communities from San Luis Obispo to Mendocino County. By using accurate data and dealing with the problem before it becomes an epidemic, researchers are hoping to make the Bay Area a safer place for Oak trees to live. 

The invasive disease is killing Tanoak, Coast Live Oak, California Black Oak, Shreve's Oak and Canyon Live Oak trees in California. It is the primary cause of tree mortality in coastal California, with more than three million trees having died in 15 counties, including Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Monterey, Napa, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz and Solano since its discovery in the mid-1990s, according to a news release from the California Oak Mortality Task Force.

The disease pathogen Phytophthora Ramorum is a moisture-loving organism that tends to be more active in the fog belt, which means cities close to the ocean may encounter more diseased trees. 

If you notice that your Oaks trees appear to be distressed in any way, please call us at Image Tree Service, Inc. at (707) 838-3555. Spraying in the Spring and the Fall is the best way to keep your Oak trees disease-free, so consult with the experts at Image Tree Service and help these beautiful and majestic trees to thrive on your property and live for a long, long time. 

By stressing customer service and focusing on performing quality work for each and every client, Image Tree Service, Inc. in Windsor, CA is a family- owned and operated business that has been serving all of northern California and especially Sonoma County for more than two decades. By building a solid reputation for being the Sonoma County Tree Experts and priding ourselves on things like safety, accountability and transparency, Image Tree Service, Inc. exhibits its passion for this industry with a work ethic that’s unmatched in residential tree services in Sonoma. 

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Written by Ed Attanasaio
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