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What Trees Drink the Most Water?

What Trees Drink the Most Water? | Tree Removal Care Pruning

Pecan trees extract the moisture they need from soil in the root zone daily during the growing season. The amount a tree withdraws may vary from a gallon or less for a young tree to as much as 150-250 gallons per day in a fully mature tree. This water demand is the tree's peak (maximum) water use on the hottest day of the summer. Water consumption is decreased before and after this maximum use. 

The amount of water a tree needs depends on many variables and not least of all, the species. For example, a Plains Cottonwood can live on much less water than a White Ash. 

To find out how much your tree needs, measure (or estimate) its diameter at four feet off the ground, then multiply that number by six. The total is approximately how many gallons of water you should use per watering. A tree with a ten-inch diameter at four feet should be given 60 gallons of water per watering. This may seem like a lot of water for larger trees, but keep in mind this only needs to be done once or twice a month. Moreover, using a larger volume ensures sufficient water becomes available to the tree. Spacing the watering applications apart is also important. This allows the soil to properly aerate and gives the tree the oxygen it needs. 

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