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Ask the Tree Expert at Image Tree Service | Tree Removal Care Pruning

As we enter another fire season, Image Tree Service in Windsor, CA is poised and prepared to assist the people of Sonoma County by providing commercial tree services and residential tree services that will enable them to prevent fires before they begin. Here we have some answers for some questions some of our blog readers have sent us:

I have heard that my Eucalyptus trees are very flammable, but I love them. What should I do?

So-called “tree experts” agree that Eucalyptus trees can represent a fire hazard, and that thinning and/or felling them, removing their existing understory, and substituting native plants will reduce the danger. But, that isn’t true. Eucalyptus trees actually harvest moisture, and the dense naturalized understory traps this moisture. So in actuality, Eucalyptus trees are less flammable than most native plants. Keep them and enjoy these majestic wonderful trees! 

I read somewhere that non-native plants and trees are more flammable than native plants and trees. Is that correct?

No. The fear of fire has fueled the heated debate about native plant restorations in the Bay Area.  Native plant advocates want the public to believe that the non-native forest is highly flammable, that its destruction and replacement with native landscapes would make us safer.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  The fact is that the forest—whether it is native or non-native—is generally less flammable than the landscape that is native to California.  

At Image Tree Service, we provide Sonoma County tree service to a wide range of customers and by being in this industry for so many years, we know the right trees for your yard or commercial property, so give us a call and we’ll give you a full assessment and devise a plan for you. 

By stressing customer service and focusing on performing quality work for each and every client, Image Tree Service, Inc. in Windsor, CA is a family- owned and operated business that has been serving all of northern California and especially Sonoma County for more than two decades. By building a solid reputation for being the Sonoma Tree Experts and priding ourselves on things like safety, accountability and transparency, Image Tree Service, Inc. exhibits its passion for this industry with a work ethic that’s unmatched in residential tree services in Sonoma.

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Written by Ed Attanasaio
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