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The Protected Trees of Windsor, CA

The Protected Trees of Windsor, CA | Tree Removal Care Pruning

The Town of Windsor has a wide variety of native and non-native trees which give Windsor a unique visual character. Trees are a source of beauty, provide shade and other environmental benefits, enhance property values, create a community identity, and in general, enhance the quality of urban life. We love our trees here in Windsor and throughout Sonoma County and that’s why Image Tree Service in Windsor, CA tries to save trees by helping them to live long, healthy lives. 

The Town of Windsor is committed to protecting existing trees and planting new trees. In accordance, the Town has adopted a Tree Preservation and Protection Ordinance, which regulates protection, preservation, maintenance, and removal of protected trees.

Here is a list of protected trees in the City of Windsor: 

  • Black Oak 
  • Valley Oak 
  • Blue Oak 
  • Interior Live Oak 
  • Coast Live Oak 
  • Oracle Oak 
  • Oregon Oak 
  • Chase Oak 
  • California Buckeye 
  • California Bay 
  • Heritage or landmark trees as identified by Council resolution
  • Significant groves or stands of trees. 
  • Mature trees located on a parcel of one acre or more. 
  • Smaller trees may also be protected under special circumstances. (On projects where Planning Commission/Town Council approval is not required, determination will be at the direction of the Planning Director.)
  • Any tree required, to be planted or preserved, as environmental mitigation for a discretionary permit.

If you have a tree on your property and you want it removed, Image Tree Service in Windsor is one of the finest tree services in Sonoma County, with more experience, skills and training than its competitors. Call us today at 707.838.3555 and we will set up an appointment to come and see the tree(s) in question. 

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