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A Poem for Your Day

A Poem for Your Day | Tree Removal Care Pruning

This is a wonderful poem about trees. At Image Tree Service, we know that trees aren’t just things that stand in your yard and look nice. They are an integral part of our planet and should be cherished and respected, like any other living thing. 


Time-honored, beautiful, solemn and wise.
Noble, sacred and ancient
Trees reach the highest heavens and penetrate the deepest secrets of the earth.
Trees are the largest living beings on this planet.
Trees are in communion with the spiritual and the material.
Trees guard the forests and the sanctified places that must not be spoiled.
Trees watch over us and provide us with what we need to live on this planet.
Trees provide a focal point for meditation, enlightenment, guidance and inspiration.
Trees have a soul and a spirit.

By Lavenderwater

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