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Vineyard Grinding in Napa & Sonoma County

A Green Approach to Vineyards Grinding

At Image Tree Service, Inc., we’re highly adept at grinding up vines and turning them into mulch for vineyards throughout northern California’s wine country, both effectively, efficiently and affordably. The mulch is 100% recyclable and some of our vineyard customers will later convert it into compost that can be recycled back into their vineyards.

The mulch that is produced by the grinding can be used for ground cover while retaining moisture. It’s a win-win for you, your vineyard and your community, because you’re not creating the air pollution associated with burning the vines. It’s a green solution and that’s why we’re happy to provide Vineyards Grinding services to our clients with vineyards.

Vineyards Grinding in Napa & Sonoma County