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The Eyes Have It

At Image Tree Service, Inc., we want your trees to frame your world, so that rather than blocking your beautiful view, they play an integral role in the process. There are several different ways to retain and/or regain a view whether it is by thinning, windowing or crown reduction.

The selective removal of branches increases both the light and view. This will also lessen wind resistance and potential damage from storms. Thinning opens the foliage of a tree, reduces weight on heavy limbs, distributes ensuing invigoration throughout a tree and helps restore the tree's natural shape.

Windowing is the technique of creating desirable visibility from areas on your property to allow viewing of the surrounding landscapes, especially with new construction or in areas with dense vegetation.

See this photograph in our Before and After page to see how this serene landscape looked before. Crown reduction involves pruning back to a central leader, thus reducing the overall height while maintaining a full, healthy canopy.

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