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Pest Management in Napa & Sonoma

Eradicate In Order to Propagate

Image Tree Service, Inc. uses the most cutting-edge practices in the pest management industry today. Our professionals can help with identifying and properly treating the numerous pests and diseases that threaten the livelihood of your trees and shrubs.

There’s a whole bunch of pests out there than can hurt your trees significantly, with scary names like Ash Borers, Asian Longshore Beetles, Balsam Woody Adelgids, Tussock Moths, Forest Tent Caterpillars and Fall Webworms, just to name a few. But, don’t be frightened, because at Image Tree Service, Inc., we know to eradicate these trouble makers and keep them away!

In this portion of our website we have links to help you determine whether or not your tree may be infected and/or diseased. For a more specific answer, call our offices and schedule a consultation. The key is early detection, so as soon as you think there’s a problem, call us right away.

Our representatives can help determine your particular problem and suggest methods of treatment. Alternative services are available to meet the needs of those customers who prefer lower pesticide usage.

Pest Management in Napa & Sonoma