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Root Management in Napa & Sonoma County

The Roots are the Foundation & Life Source

At Image Tree Service, Inc., we know that 50% of all tree failure is a result of improper planting or substandard maintenance practices. Trees planted too deep are prone to trunk rot, girdling roots, decline and/or eventual death. Damage caused by roots to sidewalks, sewers and foundations can become a serious problem if root management practices aren’t performed in time.

But, there is good news! The extent to which root damage can be mitigated depends on a number of different factors. The most obvious one is whether the situation deals with existing trees or planting new trees. Clearly, planting new trees offers many more options to contain tree roots and mitigate damage, because this way we can control the roots from the beginning. Other factors being equal, trees that grow fast above ground also grow fast below ground, so staying on top of your roots is essential.

Call us for a root inspection especially during construction or excavation around your trees. Any cutting of major roots can uproot your trees and ultimately cause death to the tree.

Root Management in Napa & Sonoma County